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Areas of Practice

Civil Litigation | Human and Civil Rights | Personal Injury | Family Law | LGBTQI+ Advocacy | Arts and Entertainment | Probate | Wills and Trusts | Business Law | Contracts

Attorney and Counselor At Law

Jennifer A. Minuto, Esq.


As a licensed member of the Rhode Island Bar Association and the United States Federal Court Bar for the District of Rhode Island, Jennifer fights for justice as a passionate advocate for the people of Rhode Island.


An effective advocate, Jennifer takes an all-encompassing and integrated approach to addressing legal and social issues with the goal of helping to efficiently seek and find justice.


Jennifer has been a human and civil rights advocate and activist for many decades working for justice and equity for women, communities of color, the LGBTQI+ community, and for individuals and institutions dedicated to the arts and humanities.


In addition to using her skills as an effective attorney, Jennifer has spent decades as a civil rights activist, a business leader, a nonprofit director, and an accomplished musician and composer.

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